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Why Tennis Players Need To See a Massage Therapist That Specializes In Tennis Players

Why Tennis Players Need To See a Massage Therapist That Specializes In Tennis Players

Tennis is a challenging sport especially when you consider the amount of running involved. Players have to engage their bodies in forceful repetitive motions so that they can master volleys, serves, backhands and forehands. These powerful movements put a lot of stress on muscles, joints, and ligaments. Therefore, as a tennis player, you need the help of a professional therapist who can easily identify potential injuries and conduct a therapeutic massage to keep you healthy and strong in preparation for the next training and matches

Here are the benefits of a Tennis Player focused-massage:

  • It increases the flexibility of the forearms and hands, improving the racket which enables a player to make swift movements as they pursue the ball in an easier and better way.
  • A good massage relaxes the lower hip and low back muscles enabling players to make rotations and weight shift as they aim to hit the ball back.
  • It eliminates pain in the neck/shoulders and tightness thus you can remain focused on the forehand, serves and backhand swings.
  • A tennis game can cause repetitive stress, but a good massage can help you counter this stress by decreasing low and mid back pain.

The most common sports injuries that sports massage therapy can eliminate include:

  • Trigger points: These are the most sensitive and irritable spots in muscles which can cause a lot of pain and limit a player from making different types of motions, especially in areas connected to the trigger points. A professional massage therapist knows how to spot trigger points and provide massage in such areas so that they can alleviate pain and improve flexibility.
  • Tennis elbow: Most players over the age of 30 suffer from tennis elbow which can curtail or end their playing careers. Frequent sports massage help in removing unwanted elements that are likely to cause tennis elbow. Furthermore, a massage done on the elbow improves the flexibility and strength of the muscles around the injured area thus relieving stress exerted on the tendons.
  • Back, knee and calf pain: Players needs proper circulation of blood and most of all they need to stay healthy through the removal of toxic body wastes. A tennis player focused massage applied to the injury prone areas can help players stay healthy before and during training or matches.

It doesn’t matter whether you play tennis for fun or as a career; you need treatment from a highly trained and experienced massage therapist so that you can maximize your potential and have a pain-free playing experience.


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